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Size- 2 X 3 meters , fits 4-6 people

Full product kit includes:

1x Lycra Polyester canopy with built in sand bags 

2x collapsible aluminium poles 2.20 high (each)

2x Breezy Elastic Band

1x water proof carry-on bag with shoulder strap

Full kit measurements: 60 cm length x15 cm diameter

Weight: 2.25 kg

Additional information

Weight 2.25 kg

Beige, Green, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Blue, Light Green, Red, Peach

10 reviews for BREEZY FAMILY

  1. Sharee

    We love the outdoors, but are also sun conscious and try to seek shade whenever possible. The Breezy Shade is light and compact, making it easy to transport. Its versatility allows us to use the shade in different settings, and broad coverage means a day at the beach or park is no longer short-lived.

  2. H

    I love the product! We received the Breezy Shade as a gift and have since used it a couple of times. We found the beech works the best thanks to the sand pockets. I personally love that it’s so easy to put up and pack away. I would give it 5 stars but there has been a couple times in the park when the wind picks up, a pole comes loose and falls (to be fair it was extremely windy where we were!). This is most likely due to error on my part as I’m still becoming familiar with just how many ways it can be used. 100% recommend to those who want a quick and easy spout of shade for beach or park visits!

  3. Jo

    Fits perfectly into the storage compartment of our jet ski!

    These shades are small and lightweight to carry, high quality and SUPER easy to put up. It provides just the right amount of shade and protection from the elements and stays put even in moderate winds. Nice bright colours simple design, and easy to pack away.

    Highly recommend 🙂

  4. Yael

    We’ve purchased the XL shade and it’s great for us as a family of 4+dog
    It’s super easy and quick to set up and to pack up, as well as really light weight and easy to carry. Takes 2-3 minutes to set up as well as for pack up. We take it with us each time we go to the beach, and it’s just really easy and effective. I can also easily take it, carry it and set it up when taking the kids to the beach on my own when hubby is busy.
    I highly recommend the breezy shade, as well as the customer service, as it was sent super quickly.

  5. Elissa Moar

    Hey! I am gonna try and make this as short as I can as there is so much to say about this product…..I could really go on for days!

    Firstly thank you for producing this awesome sun shade. Secondly for all the tips for putting it up, the customer care from you is amazing and feels really personal too!

    Thirdly our why………living on the road full time and as a family of 5 we look for products that are lightweight,family friendly, easy and generally do what they say. Breezy shades is exactly that and just wish I had bought this products MONTHS AGO!!

    If your sitting on the fence about this at all… yourself a favour a just buy one also a second set of poles while your at it to benefit from your shade span even more!

    Thank you again this really is a game changer for us! #DowsDownunder

    • Breezy

      wow Elissa, thanks so much for this incredible review. We are so pleased and proud that you like the Breezy Shade so much!! enjoy your life on the road, and keep your family being safe and sun smart 🙂

  6. Christina @madeformadison

    We love this! Very easy to set up I’d say it takes maybe 5 mins.
    Good quality, lightweight really family friendly and doesn’t take up space in the car. it really does gives is the shade. We take it lots to the park and beach.
    My kids love the nice blue colour we selected.
    Highly recommend

  7. Sarah

    Absolutely love our Breezy Shade! We sat on the fence for a long time deciding between this and the Coolcabana – we are so happy that went with the Breezy Shade. It is a perfect size for our family of 4 and we love the simple (less likely to break!) yet extremely effective design! We initially had some issues with setting up (completely our error with not using enough sand and stretching the canopy properly), a quick message to Tali and the issue was sorted. Their customer service really is second to none -we received a response within an hour.
    I love that it feels so open (unlike a beach umbrella) and that it is so versatile – I can’t wait to try it on the grass. I also love the fact it is so easy to spot although I am sure that won’t be the case for long once everyone cottons on to how awesome these sun shelters are.
    If you were like us and sitting on the fence – just go for it, you will not regret it. At the same time you will be supporting an awesome small business who is truly passionate about and stands by their products.

  8. Lili @brisbanefamilyexplorers

    Great product and we think it’s the perfect shade for the beach! It’s lightweight, easy to set up, great quality and feels very secure in wind – everything that we would ask for in a beach shade. The breeze passes straight through so it’s nice and cool as well. It’s easier to set up than a comparable-sized gazebo and nothing mechanical so no concerns with breakage. Due to the size and weight of our Breezy Shade it’s so easy to carry from the car to the beach!

  9. Christopher

    When packing our 4WD for a trip we do our best to keep the weight down, this helps with fuel economy and helps on the tracks so when we decided we needed some extra shade that wasn’t attached to the vehicle it was really important to find something the packs down to nothing and weights nothing. The solution was a lightweight stretchy shade from @breezyshade, we went with there mid sized shade that weighs only 2.25kg and packs down into a bag 60cm X 15cm. The packed shade takes up hardly any space and that’s perfect for us. It’s such a simple design and can be set up in less then 5 minutes. It has a UPF rating of 50+ so it’s not only providing shade it also provides some protection from the sun. If you’re in the market for some easy to set up shade take a look at:

  10. Shannan Marsh

    We love, love love our Breezyshade!!! It is very easy to put together and put down. Very steady and resistance to wind .No more chasing umbrellas down the beach. Very pleased with my purchase and recommending to my friends. I only wished I’d bought the Party size .Defiantly a must have for every family. This product has completely changed our beach experience.

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