Spread the BreezyShade fabric on the ground.

Fill the anchor bags with sand.

Place the poles under the fabric's corners. For maximum stability, use the elastic bands to attach the fabric to the poles top ball (mostly in windy weather)


The reason you couldn’t make it work is because there was not enough tension from the fabric to keep the poles steady. Breezy shade is perfectly stable even in very windy weather. Please use HEAPS of sand in the sand bags. If it’s windy, the sandbags need to be completely full. Then, you please give the fabric A VERY GOOD STRETCH, and only then- place the poles underneath, in the corners. You can use the elastic bands to attach the fabric to the poles top balls, for extra stability.
The tension between the fabric and the ground is what’s keeping the poles in place. Please follow these exact instructions and we guarantee that the Breezy Shade will remain steady for hours, even in windy weather.


Use HEAPS of sand for the sandbags, as much as you can. The heavier the anchors, the more stable the shade will be in extreme wind conditions.

Give the fabric A VERY GOOD STRETCH from each corner and the tent is ready to take off.

Place the poles in the corners of the shade and not in the middle.

In case of windy weather- Make sure you take into account the wind direction and place the poles facing the wind, so the tent inflates. This way there is no resistance and the sunshade will remain steady for hours also in windy conditions. You can use the Elastic Bands to attach the fabric to the poles top ball, for extra stability.