Our Breezy Shades are made of a Lycra Polyester fabric. This material has bidirectional stretching, which means that the fabric will flow together with the movement of the air and will not create any resistance. The aerodynamic profile of our Breezy Shades allows air to flow freely above and below while giving the beach tent some lift and inflating it to its optimal shape.  IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER- The ideal opening position of the shade is when it’s facing the wind. This way, the wind passes through the shade, there is no resistance and the sunshade remain steady in windy conditions.
The reason you couldn’t make it work is because there was not enough tension from the fabric to keep the poles steady. Breezy shade is perfectly stable even in very windy weather. Please use HEAPS of sand in the sand bags. If it’s windy, the sandbags need to be completely full. Then, you please give the fabric A VERY GOOD STRETCH, and only then- place the poles underneath, in the corners. You can use the elastic bands to attach the fabric to the poles top balls, for extra stability.
The tension between the fabric and the ground is what’s keeping the poles in place. Please follow these exact instructions and we guarantee that the Breezy Shade will remain steady for hours, even in windy weather.

At Breezy Shade we have carefully chosen fabric that is designed to both screen UV rays from entering the shade and stand up to being out in the sun over long periods of time. Our beach sunshade fabric is very similar to the kind used to make professional water sports gear. In addition to UPF50+ sun protection that the Breezy Shades provide, they are also sand-repellent, as well as chlorine, and saltwater resistant. Keep in mind that the UV protection you get under our beach shades is not a replacement for personal sun protection and we urge users to also use a good lotion or oil when out in the sun.

There is no need to put the shade down or move it to a different location. The only thing you need to do when the sun changes position in the sky is to simply move one or both of the poles to adjust the direction in which the beach shade is cast, and you are good to go again. 

Breezy M is 2.1 X 2.1 meters and fits to 2-4 people

Breezy L is 2 X 3 meters and fits to 4-6 people

Breezy XL is 3 X 3 meters and fits to 6-8 people

IT CAN’T GET EASIER THAN THIS- Just 3 steps in less than 3 minutes: 1. Spread the BreezyShade fabric on the ground 2. Fill the anchor bags with sand 3. Place the poles under the fabric. It takes only 1 person to set up. Even children can do it!
see video here

Of course!  In addition to being the ultimate beach shading solution, the Breezy Shade has so much to offer:

  • Use it for Picnic / grassed areas – You can use our grass/ camping pegs ( or your owns ) to set up the shade in the park , camping site etc . Just place the first peg into the ground, tie the sand bag’s fabric to the peg ( strong tie) and move on to the next peg. It’s important to make sure the canopy is stretched enough to hold the poles underneath.

    You can get extra pegs set here

  • Use it  when camping– If you want to set it up on hard soil, it’s best to use metal camping pegs. 
  • Use it as Trampoline Cover 
  • Attach it to your car-  to create a shaded area right next to your car when you’re on a trip.

The Breezy Shade has so much to offer!!

In order to extend the product lifetime, we recommend:

  • The fabric is sand resistant so a quick shake before packing should be enough
  • Hand wash or a cold wash laundry at the end of the season
  • No iron, no bleach.
  • Dry it solely by air and not in a dryer

Absolutely- Just pack and go! 

The Breezy Shades are lightweight, compact and perfectly fit in a carry-on bag. When the tent is packed in the carry-on bag, it is only 60 cm long, 15cm in diameter and weight only 2-2.5 kg  (depends on size ). Just pack and go! When on holiday, don’t forget to send us photos and tag us…

Don’t worry, you can still use your Breezy Shade.

You only need to order the additional set of poles instead of those you’ve lost, and you are good to go again.

Click here to buy extra poles